Hockey Stick Display Case



Finish Black or Natural Wood
Setup Right or Left Handed
Weight 50 lbs.
Price $200

This hockey stick display case is the perfect case if you are looking for an inexpensive case that does not sacrifice quality. This angled case features a hinged design, allowing for easy placement of your prized hockey stick, as well as an acrylic front to provide maximum visibility.

The case is also available in a right hand or left hand setup, making it perfect for all players. Measuring 25″ wide by 4″ deep and 76 3/4″ high the case is sized to fit all regulation hockey sticks, including both goalie and regular sticks. Because you want to show off your stick in style, we have also designed the case to be hung on a wall for all to enjoy.

While some of our competitors cases are made in China and mass produced, our cases are made in the USA by skilled craftsman to ensure the finest quality available. This case is available in black or a natural wood finish to match any home or office’s decor. If you are looking to buy the best discount hockey stick display case without sacrificing any quality, go with Monster Puck for all of your hockey display needs!


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