The Official Weight of an NHL Ice Hockey Puck

Hockey Trivia Answer: The Official Weight of an NHL
Ice Hockey Puck

The official weight of an NHL ice hockey puck is
between 5.5 and 6 ounces.

Official ice hockey pucks are made of hard
vulcanized rubber. In some instances, such as youth leagues, lighter pucks
may be used. These youth ice hockey pucks are generally blue in color and weigh
4 ounces.

There are other variants on traditional ice hockey pucks such as
heavier training pucks, pucks
for roller hockey, and a real man’s hockey
puck: a two pound steel puck for practice purposes only!

Ice hockey was not always played with a puck
though. Initially, ice hockey was played with a
rubber ball. But due to the
ball’s tendency to break windows and people, the top and bottom
were shorn,
purportedly by an angry rink owner. To further insure the safety of hockey
and hockey fans alike, ice hockey pucks are now frozen prior to game
time as freezing the puck
retards its tendency to fly into the stands or
become air born.

Point of interest  and humor! Have you ever wondered if
you could blend hockey
pucks in a blender

hadn’t until i saw it done!