Display Cases

Hockey Puck Cases

Hockey memorabilia collectors know that a hockey puck collection takes a lot of time, money, and effort to create-especially if you have ever waited in line to get that special autographed ice hockey puck from your favorite NHL player. Protect your hockey pucks with our variety of hockey puck display case options.

Jersey Cases

If you have a hockey jersey that you want to protect from wear and tear, sunlight, or your jealous friends then you are going to want to protect your investment with a hockey jersey display case. Hockey memorabilia is not cheap, so don’t let it succumb to age without a fight.

Hockey Stick Display Cases

Our cases are made to fit all regulation sized sticks, including both normal and goalie sticks. The cases also feature a hinged design, allowing for easy placement of your stick. These cases are perfect for hanging on the wall, ensuring that you and your friends can cherish it for years to come. All of our sticks are made in the USA.

Helmet Cases

If you are looking for the perfect and unique hockey display case to house your hockey memorabilia, a hockey helmet display case would be the perfect compliment. Protect your helmet with a handsome hockey helmet display case.